It is difficult for me to put into words how wonderful and liberating it is to have our new sense of family independence. So many options have opened up for us, and we owe it all and are indebted to Mr. Kushner and Professional Education and Respite Service.

-Amy and Ben S.
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Who Are We?

What Needs?

Behavioral, Daily Living Skills, Life Skills, Communications, Academics, Vocational

Meet our Clinical Supervisors:


In your home or out in your community

Parental Help?

We train, model, shadow parents right in their home, demonstrating how to best work with their children. We also offer ABA classes for parents.

Belief System?

We believe all children are special. We believe that if you treat children with disabilities as “special or handicapped” you will disable them further. We believe in high expectations. We believe in guiding and nurturing families toward independence.